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Principle of the FLEHAP device.

The main solution proposed by EHLab is the FLEHAP device (Fluttering Energy Harvester for Autonomous Powering, patent pending). It exploits the Fluttering effect: when a moving fluid invests an elastic structure, a part of the kinetic energy is transferred to the structure that, under appropriate conditions, is able to perform oscillations even of large entities.These oscillations can be converted into electrical energy by an electromagnetic coupling.

EH_t2fig2Airflow device.

A centimetric device can produce several mW of power at low wind speed (more than 20 mw at 5.5 m/s). It is able to work in a wide range of wind speed, while it can be configurated to limit its oscillation amplitude in case of storms in order to overcame its failure.
Shape, dimensions and configurations can be tailored depending on the customer requirements.

FLEHAP advantages

  • low cost
  • robust
  • customizable
  • stackable


"Technology for Human beings", funded by Prysmian Italy and Human Foundation 2014 - 3 prize

Smart Cup Liguria 2015 - 1 prize

Start Cup UNIGE 2015 - 1 prize

Smart Cup Italy 2015 - finalist


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